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A day in the life of a Care worker at SHAPE

SHAPE offers a vital service to our disabled and vulnerable adult community on St Helena by offering the Carraresi Programme which focuses on high dependent clients providing enrichment activities and respite for parents and carer's. Over the past four and a half years SHAPE has had the pleasure of working with care worker Shireen Caswell who has led our Carraresi Programme, working under the management of Social Care Officer, Mercia Rinquist. Shireen will sadly be leaving SHAPE, today 30th September 2021 to endeavor on her new life journey. Below is her story of "A day in the life of a Care Worker at SHAPE":

Hi! My name is Shireen Caswell. I've been working with high dependent clients at SHAPE since January 2017. The clients that I support have become like a family to me and although I am embarking on a new journey, I will miss them terribly.

The joy of contributing to their happiness as well as to the wellbeing of their parents, gives me real job satisfaction. Over the years, I have formed close bonds with parents. This was important and makes the job much more easier when getting to know the clients.

There have been many challenges but hugely rewarding. No two days are the same. If all does not go as planned right from the get go, I have to think on my feet and use my initiative. The focus is to meet the needs of the clients as best as I can. Being a Careworker at SHAPE calls for patience, the ability to show compassion, resilience and an eagerness to teach, learn and be a team player.

My job role has a two-fold purpose:-

  • To provide a service to high dependent clients encouraging participation in both small and large group activities that increase or reinforce daily living skills, encourage personal growth, improve socialization and provide therapy through a variety of means eg, art and play.

  • To provide a service to high dependent disabled & vulnerable adults in their personal care; supporting them with feeding, toileting, hygiene and mobility, whilst accessing SHAPE for enrichment activities.

A Care worker supports the needs of those who find difficulty carrying out tasks independently. We respect their rights and their dignity and at SHAPE we foster a person centered approach.

My role as a Care worker requires me to be highly responsible, accountable and to safeguard our clients and the culture at SHAPE is that everyone looks out for each other like a family.

Yes, I am embarking on a new journey abroad, but I can say with a warm smile, I have enjoyed being a Care worker at SHAPE.

Over the years friendships have been built, new work relationship's formed and memories made...We will miss you dearly, Shireen and wish you every success, good health and happiness in your future endeavors... All our love, your SHAPE family xx

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