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Superhero Fun Run Fundraiser 2020

Every year SHAPE tries to find innovative ideas for raising monies and every year it proves to be mind boggling, exhausting and at times overwhelming. Every fundraising event has a motive of some sort. As SHAPE is an NGO our finances are mostly left down to successful fundraising and donations - a significant amount goes towards operational costs to enable SHAPE to run as a business. SHAPE provides meaningful work experience for disabled and vulnerable individuals within our community. We up-skill and develop trainees and prepare them for one day finding employment. Throughout the year SHAPE produces amazing products made mostly from recycled materials or primary resources that are turned in to secondary products such as paper bead jewellery, recycled books, hand wash & organic soaps. Our SHAPE trainees play a vital role in the production process of each of our hand made products. This includes shredding of paper, plastic and other recyclable materials through to rolling paper beads for jewellery making. Without our trainees SHAPE will not be able to sell our wonderful products; which are also a main source of income.

Every year our SHAPE trainees put in hard work through dedication and commitment and as a thank you SHAPE provides an end of year party and special gifts. This cannot be possible without adequate fundraising and hard work from our SHAPE staff, trainees and volunteers.

So, where did the idea for a Superhero Fun Run come from? After ample research we came across this idea that we thought would definitely attract the wider community – something for the whole family to enjoy. The idea to use

St Helena Airport’s runway was inspired by the ‘Runway Dash’ on Ascension – this is also a charity fundraiser which proves to be a successful one. Also, where else in the world will you get the opportunity to walk, run, skip or jump on a runway? We should feel privileged to have had this opportunity – special shout out to Gwyneth Howell and team for making this happen for us.

Now, why Superheroes? Superheroes actually have a perfect connection to disabled individuals. Marvel (Superhero creators) wanted to portray characters that were relatable to the average person. To do this they gave these characters imperfections that made them more relevant – Iron Man has a mechanical device instead of a heart, Professor X is a wheelchair user and Daredevil is blind. Their disabilities did not hinder these characters from being role models to our children at any point in their childhood (and adulthood). The ideology of superheroes reflects the dedication, passion and love these disabled individuals have for life and the determination to strive. Our SHAPE trainees and clients evidently show us this everyday and I believe they can teach us a thing or two about appreciating life – they are not disabled, they are Superheroes.

So, on Saturday 14th November 2020 SHAPE hosted – in partnership with St Helena Airport – Superhero Fun Run 2020. The event took place at the airport and started around 10am. Participants were ready and rearing to go at around midday to start our sponsored run along the runway and a shorter track of 200m that was marked out on the apron. The day was cram packed with carnival inspired games, novelty races, two fun castles, crafts, stalls, photo booth, cinema, tea garden, sweets and treats and hot food...Phew! What a mouth full, so you can imagine how busy the day was. St Helena Airport Fire Department also put on an amazing show for us demonstrating the use of fire trucks and rope climb.

After immense planning, creativity, exhaustion and team work; we can confidently say SHAPE’s Superhero Fun Run 2020 was a success. We have raised just over £1,400 from sponsors, entrance fees and ticket sales.

Special thanks are extended to the following for their support in the lead up and during this event: 1. St Helena Airport Ltd – Gwyneth Howell and team 2. SHAPE Trainees, family and friends 3. Solomons, Thorpes, Rose & Crown, SURE , Queen Mary and The Bank of St Helena for your kind and generous donations towards our prizes. 4. To SanRay’s, Amphibian’s, Sweet-nest and Shirley’s Ice Cream Truck – thank you for providing the amazing hot food, sweets and treats. 5. To Linda Richards and team for our lovely tea garden. 6. To Jodie-Scipio Constantine for our fabulous photo booth and Tyanne Williams for the amazing hand drawn Superhero cut outs. 7. To the Joshua’s for the face paints and novelty stall and all our stall participants who came and showed support. 8. To KJ for providing the music and PA system. To each and every race participant and everyone who came and gave support – thank you! 9. And finally, to our SHAPE board members, staff and volunteers – without a hard working team none of this would be possible. SHAPE is proud to have a strong, united team who are committed and dedicated in providing a wonderful service for St Helena. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and made it a successful one. We’ll see you all next year for bigger and better things...

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